About Multisoft Solutions

Our vision is to be a one stop shop for developers and users of Business Management software Solutions. As a multiple software vendor, we have cost effective solutions for start-ups, SME’s and larger corporates. We service both small and large corporates and bring our rich expertise in accounting and business management software selection to bear on all assignments.

Multisoft Solution’s predecessor firm (SCG Consulting) was established in 2002 as an accounting services firm. The firm was born from the perception that small and medium enterprises generally get inadequate services that do not support their growth, yet pay a relatively high fee for the privilege.

In 2002, the firm secured a dealership license from Softline Pastel (now Sage Pastel), a leading manufacturer Business management software. The license gave the firm right to sell, implement and support the Sage Pastel range of products.

In 2007 we became the leading Pastel business Partner in Ghana and also ranked 12th and 13th in the International ratings for 2007 and 2014 respectively. We currently operate from two office locations, service over 400 Companies in Ghana and West Africa and employ in excess of 30 consultants mainly accounting professionals.

In 2012, Multisoft Solutions Limited was established to anchor the Information Technology business. This paved the way for the legacy (SCG Consulting Limited) to continue with its original mandate of accounting consultancy. Together with our predecessor firm, we have over 13years experience in the Software Industry and currently represent big brands such as Sage ( Sage One, Sage VIP Payroll & HR, Sage Pastel Payroll, Sage Evolution , Sage X 3), IQ Retail Solutions.

Sage payroll software


Sage X3 is our solution designed specifically for the larger business operating in the mid-market and enterprise space.

Best HR software in Ghana


Sage Evolution Premium is a comprehensive business management software for the small and medium enterprises.

Best HR Software Company in Ghana, Integrated Payroll and Accounting softwares


Sage One is simple and secure online accounting software for startups and small businesses with dashboards,