Software Implementation Services

  • Our mission is to reduce the risks and challenges that confront a business as it selects and implements a business management solution
  • Our in-house team works with you from design through the final implementation phase to ensure that the selected software features are a perfect fit for your business.
  • We provide a team of accountants and IT experts with extensive experience in the roll out of robust business management software applications.

Accounting Support Services

Accounting Data Entry Service
We provide you with easy access to qualified, seasoned bookkeepers and accounting professionals — without you ever having to hire them. Even if you own an established business and your in-house bookkeeper is not sufficiently qualified or is unable to keep pace with the work flow, we can provide the most efficient support services at cost-effective rates. 

Controller Services
Our Controller Services provide you with access to knowledgeable Chartered Accountant level expertise when your business demands it. Let our professional and experienced team of financial experts perform your company’s Controller level functions when they are required. Our scalable business model allows you to leverage Accounting Controller and Financial Controller services when needed during key periods and then scale back this service during non-peak periods, at your discretion.

Payroll Outsource Service

  • We offer customized payroll services, with the potential to save your business 50% of costs as compared to an in-house payroll.
  • If your payroll accounting is consuming a significant amount of time and energy, let Multisoft take care of it so that you can spend your time on core business activities.
  • As a professional payroll service provider, you can run your business knowing that a trusted advisor is handling the payroll processing.
  • With Multisoft managing your outsourced payroll, you can be assured that you'll never miss a tax deadline, pay the wrong amount, or make errors on critical tax forms. All your payroll information will be maintained accurately, securely and above all confidentiality is guaranteed.