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Multisoft provides the most reliable software support services to Clients 


As with most things in life, if something can go wrong, then it probably will and usually at the most inconvenient time possible

With any significant software purchase decision, an integral part of that process is ensuring that the investment is protected and that in the unlikely event something goes wrong, you have the appropriate level of cover. You would not dream of buying a brand-new car and driving it without proper insurance. The same applies to software solutions.

Most organizations simply cannot continue to operate without their IT systems and we are acutely aware of this hence the reason to be available 24/7 online, email, telephonic and secured remote connection.

Our service and support contracts options are designed to keep your systems running at optimum levels and when something goes wrong, we are there to provide timely assistance.

Connect to our support desk via:

Email software@multisoftgh.com

Tel: +233 (o) 302 235 149

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