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Will Accountants Be Replaced by Computers?

Accounting and Auditing may in the next few years be disrupted by emerging innovations such as robot process automation (Bots) and mechanical robotics   (Daniela Rus, “The Robots are Coming,” Foreign Affairs, July/August 2015)

 The use of computers for business operations has come to stay. In fact, computers have already become ever-present in our world of business today, and in the near future mechanical robotics will as well be seen sitting in the chairs, in our offices.  

The debate about whether or not machines will replace accountants in the near future is the result of the sudden increase in demand for various business software solutions like Sage Evolution Premium and SAP Business One for business operations the world over.   


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Accounting Software experts argue that the profession stands on the cusp of technological development however conservative accountants disagree and argue that programs like VIP Premier Payroll & other sophisticated tax systems work quite well, but have no ability to make deep decisions especially when confronted with unstructured data.  

Valid arguments they are!  Maybe in the near future, we will see fewer accountants of one type and more of the other. ‘If history tells us anything, there were speculations of job losses when spreadsheets and computers were introduced into the accounting  process, but instead we saw significant growth of jobs in the accounting departments. It is certain that how we perform the work and the skillsets will change, but this will create new opportunities.

The future of accounting hinges on outputs and not inputs. Business owners will invest in any legitimate resources that can enhance the bottom-line results even if it’s just simple software.    


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Over the past 10 years, a lot of businesses have shifted from manual accounting processes to automated operations. For instance, the advent of Sage one accounting, VIP Payroll and SAP Business One, is saving companies more money while doing more work. No need to hire more accountants. But as with any transition, there will be a distribution of adoption, so some people will scream saying that their jobs are at risk, but more likely is that they got blindsided and failed to invest new skills. 

“To be on the safer side means rising to the change and embracing the transition with a smile – invest in tech skills and stay open for the opportunities that come along with this evolution”     


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I believe that development in technology has only brought even greater opportunities to accountants.  Despite the smart business operations performed by a computer, a company will also need a brain which can devise strategies required to bolster its financial growth.

 The onus, therefore, lies on accountants to be agile, versatile and open to changes. They will need to fasten their belts and fly even higher.      

 Be open to tech knowledge in accounting. Enroll in our flagship programme:   Practical Accounting Training.  


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We are Hiring!

A reputable Company with specialty in providing Business Software to a variety of clients ranging from SME’s to large corporate is seeking to recruit a Marketing officer.


  • A good  DEGREE in Marketing plus  a Certificate in a Professional Marketing program.
  • At least two years’ experience selling software solutions.
  • Good ICT skills.
  • Fluent in English, knowledge in French is an advantage.
  • Must have completed National Service in August 2015 and not earlier.
  • Not more than 26 years.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • A good composure under pressure.
  • An assertive personality will be an advantage.



  • Understanding customers’ specific business needs and applying product knowledge to meet those needs.
  • Cold-calling in order to create interest in products and services, generate new business leads and arrange meetings;
  • Identifying and develop new business through networking.
  • Marketing and promoting a portfolio of products.
  • Maintaining awareness and keeping abreast with new software offering from our suppliers.
  • Developing effective sales plans using the firms sales methodology.
  • Networking with existing customers in order to maintain links and promote additional Sales.



Send CV and an application expressing your interest in the above mentioned vacancy.

Send application and CV to isjob.apply@gmail.com

The closing date is 24th November 2017.

Only short listed applicants would be contacted.

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Employment Opportunity

A reputable Company distributing ERP Solutions is recruiting Business technology advisors and Implementers.

Applicants must have interest in ICT, database concepts, computerized business applications, project management tools and good people skills.


  • Not more than 24 years.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • A good composure under pressure.
  • Good ICT skills with experience in basic programming.
  • Willingness to pursue a career in Business Management Systems.
  • Must have completed National Service in August 2017 and  not earlier.
  • A good Degree in accounting or Computerized accounting  will be an advantage.


  • We offer good remuneration.
  • A structured training program covering the core knowledge required in our business.
  • An interaction with a variety of clients.


Send your CV and a five year career plan to isjob.apply@gmail.com

The closing date is 24th November, 2017.

Only short listed applicants would be contacted.