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5 Key Factors to Consider Before Investing in a Company

Warren Buffett is the world’s richest investor. It will surprise you that most of his wealth comes from investments in what he calls, “Wonderful Businesses.” When you make the right investment decisions, the results can be spectacular and breathtaking. But the wrong investment decision can cause grief and havoc.

As an investor looking to invest in Ghana, do your due diligence before making the investments. Whether it is a financial institution, a manufacturing company, a service-based business or a start-up company, ensure you do your homework before investing in the company.

If you have a pile of cash sitting in your bank account and you’re wondering what company or how to invest the money, the following are key factors to consider before investing in a company. It will not only help but save you from wasting and losing your hard-earned money.

  1. Determine your investing  goals and objectives

Consider your investing goals and objectives

Consider your investing goals and objectives: Factors to consider before investing in a company

Where do you invest your money and how much should you invest? It all boils down to your goals and objectives. Which industries do you understand and have a passion for? Do you have a long-term investing plan? How does your current financial life look like? Will the investment affect or reduce your standard of living? What is your risk tolerance? How much money can you risk in the investment?

  1. Examine your investing skills

Man and Woman Leaning on Table Staring at White Board on Top of Table Having a Meeting

Examine your investing skills: Factors to consider before investing in a company

Investing is a skill. You learn it through practice. The first step to making a good investment is to focus on yourself. Do you know how to read and analyze financial statements? Can you read and understand the financial performance of a company? How good is your ability to analyze investments? You should analyze your investing skills bore taking the next step.

  1. Determine Your Area of Competence

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Define your circle of competence

Warren Buffett says you need to define your “circle of competence” before embarking on any investment journey. Your circle of competence revolves around industries you understand and have a tremendous passion for. Define your industry and select the companies that are profitable and have long-term financial value.

  1. Analyze the business and the industry

Analyze the business and the industry; Factors to Consider Before Investing in a Company

Analyze the business and its industry

As Warren Buffett would say, “Never invest in a company you don’t understand!” Also, make sure you understand the business’ structure. Read all you can about the business you want to invest in. Get their annual reports and read. Look for industry and SEC reports.  

Ideally, you do not want to invest in a sole proprietorship type of business. These businesses expose managers and investors to the liabilities incurred by the business. Rather, look for a well-run limited liability company that you understand and has a passion for.

  1. Analyze the past financial performance

Analyze Past Financial Performance of the Company

Analyze Past Financial Performance of the Company

It’s amazing a lot of investors invest based on assumptions, feelings and family relationships. Most investments made on these decisions usually become investments gone bad. If you really want to do well with your investment, then you have to get the facts—the real facts—of the company.

Look for the financial statements of the company. Look at the stock’s performance. Make sure you know about the financial performance of the company. Examine the asset, liability, income and expense structure of the business. Analyze their past three-to-five-year financial performance to have an overview of how they might perform. You will save yourself a lot of trouble if you do your financial review.

  1. Determine your exit plan for the investment

your exit plan for the investment :

Define your exit plan for the investment

What is your exit plan? How much do you project to make and when will you make that amount of money? Can the company deliver those returns in the time you set? Have you calculated your return on investment? Before you get started, know how you will receive your investment earnings. Will it be through dividends, stock buybacks, or any form?

  1. Get proper documentation of all your investments 

After you determine the financial performance and decide on investing in the company, make sure every transaction has a written-document and signed. If possible, invest with the help of a corporate lawyer. Make sure all cash transactions have accurate and legal documents. When you take time to do your due diligence, the investment would yield better fruits and you won’t have to shed tears in the long run.

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Multisoft Celebrates International Ozone Day







International Ozone Day: The ozone layer, a fragile shield of gas, protects the Earth from the harmful portion of the rays of the sun, thus helping preserve life on the planet.

The phaseout of controlled uses of ozone depleting substances and the related reductions have not only helped protect the ozone layer for this and future generations, but have also contributed significantly to global efforts to address climate change; furthermore, it has protected human health and ecosystems by limiting the harmful ultraviolet radiation from reaching the earth.



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Multisoft Solutions’ Internship Programme: Maiden “CEO’s Challenge” to unleash amazing talents

Multisoft Solutions’ Internship Programme: Maiden “CEO’s Challenge” to unleash amazing talents.

Gaining corporate experience with Multisoft Solutions whilst still in school is certainly a resume enhancer! It will set you apart from your peers and demonstrate your interest in future opportunities while also helping you with your career choice.

Unique and well-structured internship program offers you first-hand experience and the opportunity to work on real-life projects that impact the lives of people. And that is exactly what Multisoft internship offers.

Unlike other internship programmes, Interns are given flexible five-hour hands-on training on different job areas, from marketing, computerized accounting, Information Technology, to graphic design and digital marketing irrespective of their specialties in school.

Also, moduled in the programme is a two-hour intensive computerized accounting training where interns with Accounting background are taken through Sage Business Cloud Accounting software an entry level accounting software from Sage.

Multisoft also provides career counseling sessions for Interns to shape their career and talents. Choosing a long-term career requires a good career guidance to help understand the requisite skills required to pursue the chosen career.

Maiden CEO’s Challenge to unleash Amazing Talents 

The 2019 Internship Programme was climaxed with thought-driven business development project where interns were made to form groups of four (4) with each group developing and presenting a business idea for sponsorship consideration. After days of very simulating exercise, the group battled out in a fierce competition where Team Fervid won.


The Team presented a live chat Application designed to make customer engagements a delightful experience. If fully developed, the App promises to be simple and flexible yet functionally rich and interactive to promote timely business communication for existing and prospective clients, business partners and investors.


Speaking on the competition, Mrs. Felicia Agbodan Zonyrah, the CEO of Multisoft Solutions announced the company is poised to sponsor the initiative in the areas of knowledge development and funding to help make the idea a reality.


She reaffirmed Multisoft’s commitment towards developing fresh talents, encouraging the interns to invest their time in soft skills which is crucial for their career development.





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Multisoft Solutions Announces Mrs. Felicia Agbodan Zonyrah as the New CEO

Introducing Felicia Agbodan Zonyrah as Multisoft’s New CEO  

We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs. Felicia Agbodan Zonyrah as the new CEO of Multisoft Solutions Limited.

Felicia’s appointment comes as a clear reflection of the company’s culture of investing in its people. Felicia Joined SCG Consulting (the predecessor firm of Multisoft Solution Limited) in 2006 as a student intern. Over the ensuing thirteen years, she worked her way up the ladder to become the deputy CEO and a 20% equity holder.  She held positions such as product consultant Sage Evolution, product manager Sage Accounting Solutions, Manager ERP department, Director ERP department and Deputy CEO.

In the deputy Multisoft CEO role, she managed a global team of technical and marketing professionals. During this period, the company achieved explosive revenue and customer growth and was awarded Sage Partner of the Year (customer retention) and Sage Partner of the year (Executive Vice Presidents Award, 2018)

Felicia understands the DNA of Multisoft by virtue of her association with the company as it transformed from a Tier 4 solution provider implementing only entry level solutions (Sage Pastel) and with less than 40 clients to a multiple software vendor with approximately 400 customers, deploying products for all Tiers from Sage, IQ Retail.  and SAP

We see enormous opportunities ahead for Multisoft Solutions under Felicia ably supported by the following Business Unit Leaders:
Rahael Bani               Payroll Outsourcing
Dennis Hatsu             Accounting Software Solutions
Philicia Agbeshie       Payroll and Human Capital Management Software Solutions

Justice Lartey former CEO and founder, will continue to serve as Chairman and advisor to the management team. Justice was one of the first to see the massive potential of using full time accounting consultants to build an accounting software sales and implementation business.

Multisoft currently has thirty-five (35) fulltime consultants, five( 5) associates consultants twenty-five (25) Referral Partners, 15 product lines, a zero debt to equity ratio , over 400 customers mainly within the club 100 of Ghana and a turnover of $2.5m (2018).  We cannot thank him enough for his leadership and contributions to the evolution of Multisoft Solutions.

Thank you.

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Tech Quote

“Technology like art is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.”
– Daniel Bell-

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Get the Information You Need Just When You Need It.


Get the Information You Need Just When You Need It.

Sage Enterprise Management provides a large set of features enabling users to analyze data in a self-service manner and to take the right decisions. Realtime analytics, alerts, and notifications empower each role in your organization to respond quickly to changing business conditions.

Reporting and Analytics     

  • User-defined dashboards based on trigger events
  • Configurable inquiries on any data table, with automatic or manual joins, sorting and selection
  • Inquiries to search and filter predefined data collections using a variety of prebuilt parameters
  • Requesters define a data view by selecting from the available fields in one or more database tables
  • Audit trail from cumulative total to detail
  • Library of over 400 reports supplied as standard, including legal reports
  • Automatic printout triggering and generation of Word, Excel, text, HTML, or PDF files

Sage Enterprise Management Data & Analytics provides users with a hub for managing all data from multiple sources, and built-in data models for reporting.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence helps business users reduce time spent on analysis and reporting

Advanced BI powered by Business Objects is designed for customers with very large data volumes or specialized reporting needs

Enterprise Management Financial Reporting Overview

  • Ability to design, distribute, and consume reports through a
  • common Microsoft Excel interface, with the sweet spot being on
  • financial reporting
  • Report on data from most external systems (ODBC-compliant databases)
  • Versions available for on-premise and online customers


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Strengthen Customer Relationships and Loyalty with a Single Application

Strengthen Customer Relationships and Loyalty with a Single Application 




To grow your business, you need to devote time to more important things than piecing together information and operational details from disparate business systems. If your sales, accounting, and operational systems are not integrated, your productivity inevitably suffers. When you must search for critical business information such as customer records or inventory levels in different locations, you can’t make timely, sound decisions and meet customers’ needs quickly 

 By integrating all critical business functions, SAP Business One supports sales, customer relationship management(CRM), purchasing, inventory, operations, financials, and human resources. Business information captured in a single system is instantly accessible across the organization, eliminating duplicate data entry along with related errors and subsequent costs. Workflow-based alerts trigger auto-response when important business events occur, so you can monitor and focus on those that are most critical 

Freed from constantly reacting to day-to-day minutiae, you can spend more time driving your business forward. 

 Streamline Your Entire Business  

 SAP Business One enables you to manage sales, customer service, and support – all integrated with other business functions across the company. With the service call component in SAP Business One, you can effectively respond to customer service and support calls and find resolutions more quickly. Detailed service reports related to call volumes, durations, and response times allow you to assess progress and take necessary actions. With SAP Business One you can also analyze customers using data from sales, operations, and finance to identify. 

 Act on Instant and Complete Information 

SAP Business One captures critical data across sales, customers, operations, and financials in a single application for immediate access and use. With the addition of the fully integrated Crystal Reports® software, it delivers compelling reporting functionality and information access that give you crucial insights into all parts of your business. With “drag-and-relate” and interactive drill-down functionalities, you can click through relevant data and get answers quickly. Employees can respond to customer needs faster, and your managers can track revenues, costs, and profit margins so they can assess business performance and determine how to improve it. 


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From Design Through to Completion This is how Sage Enterprise manages your Projects

From Design Through to


This is how Sage Enterprise manages your Projects

If you are looking for a comprehensive software solution to streamline your service activities and keep the operational, sales and financial aspects of your customers’ projects firmly on the radar, Sage Enterprise Management is your ideal solution.

As a service provider, your main challenges involve overseeing your customers’ projects, from design through to completion and to ensure that you are in total control of the quality of delivery, project documentations, financials and progress. Sage Enterprise Management comes with a dual customer and operational view, and handle your projects by:

  • Centralising all the project-related components and events, and standardising the associated processes.
  • Simplifying project management and ensuring accurate tracking: a reliable evaluation of plan which measures need to be taken.
  • Measuring project financial performance in order to control jobs, assess their profitability, draw comparisons between current projects, model transactions for tracking, forecasting and managing customers’ projects, and archiving current statements.

Sage Enterprise Management is not just your ERP software with basic project management functionalities, it is a complete solution to make your project complete. Explore the functionalities:

Project Management

  • Project management structure
  • Project template & projects link
  • Dependency of level
  • Definition of operations generated
  • Internal & external view
  • Detailed tasks/products defined

on the lines

  • Invoicing rules (Situation / Fixed Date /Steps…)
  • Invoicing generation (invoice per

project, per customer, entities…)

  • Purchase, distribution, manufacturing, services lines links to the different processes
  • Turnover and costs defined at the line level & aggregate to other levels
  • Project review through situation
  • Saved situation
  • Automated situation
  • Generation of operations due to the

situation (service resquest, purchase,

working order, invoices…)

  • Automated invoicing
  • Manual adjustment of remaining time


Service request

  • Operation of services
  • Generated by the situations
  • Assigned or not to a resource
  • Assigned or not to a project
  • Approval process definition
  • Time sheet transaction
  • Expenses sheet transaction
  • User Sheets based on the web, smartphones, tablets
  • Approval definition
  • Definition of processes depending on operations entered
  • Default value definition
  • Default operation definition
  • Resource definition (default value, site, team, hourly rate…)
  • User datasheet definition
  • Mass entry report activity
  • Situation updates


Recurrent contract  

  • Periodical invoice and / or service


  • Contract structure definition
  • Maintenance contract
  • Installed base missions
  • Regular invoicing period
  • Revision type definition
  • Generation frequency
  • Forbidden periods
  • Invoicing simulation


Cost accounting

  • Analytical dimensions
  • Default dimensions
  • Accounting links definition
  • Accounting interface
  • Journal entry from time sheet
  • Budget generation
  • Global project review, graphical

explanation, traceability of operations


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