FAQ: Payroll, HR Software & Employee Self Service
Capabilities of Sage Payroll and HR solutions

Sage offers a range of modular yet fully integrated solutions for HR, Payroll, Time & Attendance, Recruitment and Employee Self-Service. For a full list of features and benefits please refer to the Products page of our website or request for a DEMO PRESENTATION

How quickly can Sage Payroll and HR be implemented?

A typical Sage Payroll and HR installation can take anything from one (1) to six(6) months.  ‘Go Live’ is very dependent on a number of factors:

  • The number of software modules purchased
  • The implementation phases and the availability of resources from the vendor and the organization. User ownership has always been fundamental to the success of software implementation projects. It is therefore important that both parties provide sufficient resources to the project, and that these resources are available and knowledgeable.
  • Number of parallel runs required to confirm user acceptance and confidence. Getting Payroll right in Ghana requires that we take on opening balances for some payroll elements.

Key amongst these is the computation of bonus taxes. Bonus tax computation is indexed to annual basic salary and also current and previous bonuses paid during the tax year.  You certainly will require these cumulative figures if you want to get it right.


Secondly, the employer is required to present a tax certificate to the employee for all period worked during the tax year. Generation of these certificates can be a nightmare if your data is in two disjointed systems.

  • Complexities in the payroll formula especially when all the variables are in the payroll software.

Once the exact requirement is established, a detailed project plan/SIP (System Implementation Plan) will be put together detailing each stage of the project and anticipated timelines from installation to ‘Go Live’.

FAQ: Payroll, HR Software & Employee Self Service

Payroll, HR Software & Employee Self Service: How it Works

How will a business assess its requirements in readiness for Payroll computerization or system change?

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration to establish your requirements prior to making contact with a vendor.

The key factor being your ability to define the challenge:

· Where are you experiencing the highest productivity loss and the highest number of errors in the current system?
· What information/reports are being requested that currently cannot be delivered
· The security issues with the current system , are you experiencing poor security and data validation controls
· Finally make a list of all you would like to do but are unable to do now.

In doing the above, you have to involve the following people:

· System Users
· System Managers
· System Customers
· System Sign Offs

Evaluate the supply options based on:

• Industry experience of the vendor and partners
• Scalability of the Product
• Speed of Installation
• Ease of use
• Size and formats of data fields
• Data validation capabilities of the product
• Security
• After sales support

Is training required to use the software?

As with any software package, a certain degree of training is required to ensure that you get the maximum ownership of the system. The amount of training that will be required to use our Sage Payroll and HR will be based on the number of modules you have purchased, how you intend to use the system and whether any non-standard configuration has been implemented to meet your requirements.

Your training needs will be discussed with you at the start of your project, so the amount of training and the cost of that training will be known prior to project commencement.

In addition to the training provided at the start of your project, you may decide that you require additional training, this could be for new employees who will be using the software (we do not recommend ‘hand me down’ training), refresher training or training on new functionality that may have been added to Sage Payroll and HR.

We also run other Software trainings for our Clients. Contact us for more details.


What is Employee Self Service?

Employee Self Service was originally conceived to streamline the process of updating employees’ personal data and remove the administrative burden on HR.

Employee Self Service software modules allow employees to complete timesheets, expense claims, leave requests and other absences online as well as initiate the workflow associated with their approval. It is this latest functionality which has had the most impact on organizations.
How will my employees benefit?

Employee Self Service software will empower employees to take control of their personal information and update employment records and contact details without having to ‘form fill’. The system will enable them to log in and review information held on them.
Employee Self Service also allows employees to make decisions on their HR and training needs. Employees can access historical training records and qualifications online without having to contact HR directly. Research has shown that by allowing staff access to their personal records promotes a more trusting and open working environment.

What functionality will employees be able to access?

Subject to security, employees will be able to:
· View and update personal data at any time from any place that has access to the network, whenever it is convenient for them
· View leave entitlement available and taken balances
· Request and approval of holidays and other absences e.g.: compassionate leave
· Enter personal timesheets
· Enter expense claims and monitor their approval
· View and/or print their current and previous payslips
· View training and qualifications data.

How will a manager benefit from Employee Self Service?

Self Service will enable managers to approve holiday requests quickly, analyze staff attendance and evaluate staff training requests at a touch of a button. They will also be able to check or input employee payroll data and approve employee timesheets, helping to improve and maintain the accuracy of data.

Is installing a new system disruptive to the business?

Not at all. We suggest that a small implementation team is set up to manage and introduce Employee Self Service. Our experience has shown that most of our clients want to ease their system gently with the minimum of disruption.

By gaining confidence through a ‘read only’ access area, where name and address details can be checked, employees and managers will build up their confidence quickly and learn to trust the system. From here they can progress on to accessing and changing simple data to finally being able to use all of the system’s functionality.

You can read more details about what’s involved in implementing Payroll, HR Software & Employee Self Service here.

Kindly let us know your comments on FAQ via the comment section or better still you can email us info@multisoftgh.com.
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