About Multisoft HR Services

Multisoft HR Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Multisoft Solutions. Established in February 2021 Multisoft HR Services is strategically positioned as a dedicated payroll outsource service provider specialised in the provision of Payroll, Human Resources and Recruitment services. Until the incorporation of Multisoft HR Services, our payroll outsource business was fully run as business support services department within Multisoft Solutions since its inception.

Our vision is to be the most admired and respected Payroll and HR Outsource service provider in Ghana.

Who we are

  • Multisoft has a growing number of outsource clients serviced from its own state-of-the-art office setup. Multisoft’s proven excellence makes us the preferred choice for partners seeking to outsource their back-office payroll and basic HR processes.
  • We deliver a wide range of services to support the growth of your business. With our web technology and self-service portal, we are able to manage your routine transactions while you continue to retain full control over your employee data.
  • Multisoft has over 20 years of solid experience in the payroll outsource industry
  • Multisoft is a leading provider for multiple payroll software brands.
  • Multisoft is the developer of tax routines and tables for Ghana Sage Payroll Market.
  • We are registered as Data controllers and Processors under the Data Protection Act, 2012(Act 843) and certified by the Petroleum Commissions to service industries in the upstream oil and gas sector.

Why choose us:

  • We offer customized payroll services, which have the potential to save your business over 50% of costs as compared to an in-house run payroll.
  • If your payroll accounting is consuming a significant amount of time and energy, let Multisoft take care of it so that you can spend your time on your core business activities.
  • As a professional payroll service provider, you can run your business knowing that a trusted advisor is handling the payroll process.
  • We understand that payroll is sensitive therefore, ensure strict confidentiality so our employees sign a non-disclosure agreement for each payroll outsource project to enforce their commitment.
  • Our reports and payslips are tailored to your needs and can be printed or securely emailed.
  • With Multisoft managing your outsourced payroll, you can be assured that you will never miss a tax deadline, pay the wrong amount, nor make errors on critical tax forms. All your payroll information will be maintained accurately, securely and above all, confidentiality is guaranteed.
  • ePayslips and ESS; your employees can have their own login details to a secure website (Employee Self Service) to access their own payslips, apply for leave and other claims.

Whether your employees are in or out of Ghana, we can cater for their payroll needs anytime, any day. We offer a simple, uniform and user-friendly experience- a convenient, workflow-driven payroll platform. Our applications are cloud-based solution that allows us to drive the payroll process in literally any country. We offer an empowering customer experience because it narrows the process down to a few uniform steps to complete with system prompts and notifications to let you know when it is time to submit your monthly changes, view and approve your payroll registers and fund your payroll.

Our Services
Payroll Outsourcing Services

When it comes to payroll, Multisoft HR Services is your one stop shop. Avoid the headaches and let our professionals take care of your total payroll outsourcing needs. Our expertise is not only limited to comprehensive services for local payrolls but also expatriate and offshore payrolls.

Scope of Service Offering:

Our comprehensive scope of services includes:

  • Data management
  • New hires and terminations
  • Gross-to-net calculations
  • Audit of payroll changes
  • Treasury management
  • Foreign currency payroll management
  • Payslip delivery
  • Compliance and statutory filing
  • Payroll Journal report
  • HR transaction management including leave administration
  • Recruitment

Tax Services

  • We track changes in tax laws and update our software to ensure tax compliance.
  • Accurate monthly preparation and filing of employee related tax returns on clients’ behalf, in a timely fashion.
  • Assistance of nationals and expats to register with authorized Trustees for proper management of pension contributions
  • Assistance to obtain social security reimbursements at the end of service for expats.

Other payroll tax related services;

  1. Income Tax advisory services
  2. Facilitation of Income Tax training
  3. Assistance with annual tax filings
  4. Assistance with Employee/Employer TIN registration
  5. Assistance with Tax clearance certificate
  6. Assistance with payroll tax audit
Treasury Management

As a one stop shop, our services do not end after payroll is processed and reports confirmed. We go the extra mile to make salary and statutory payments on behalf of our clients. With a dedicated salary account, you remit the funds in your preferred currency and we take care of the rest. Thus, Foreign exchange, Disbursements, Payment of taxes, and many more.

With Multisoft HR Services as your single payroll funding source, you can pay employees, statutory authorities, and third parties without stress. Our payroll treasury team makes over GHȻ150 million of payments on behalf of our clients across multiple locations.

In alignment with our strict internal controls and to ensure confidentiality, dedicated account is opened with our client’s bank of choice. This account would be funded by the client and Multisoft HR Services would make all payments by electronic transfer (no cheque transactions on account) to employees, statutory bodies and third-parties in a timely fashion. A graphical presentation of our treasury management is as follow:

Value Proposition for Treasury Management Services

Competitive rates and easier reconciliation.
Our high volume of transfers allow us to negotiate competitive rates, often better than those obtained individually by our clients. By locking in the exchange rate, we eliminate post-transaction foreign exchange reconciliation. Once quoted, the exchange rate will not vary, which simplifies the general ledger reporting and reduces the burden on corporate finance systems.

Multiple funding options and responsibility.
Option1: Our clients fund Multisoft HR Services in either Ghana Cedi or currency of choice. We convert to local currency and handle payments to employees, statutory agencies, and benefit providers. We take full responsibility for funding that passes through Multisoft’s strict treasury operations.

Option2: We send final reports to our clients and leave the responsibility of payments to employees, statutory agencies, and benefit providers to the client.

Employee Self Service (ESS) on mobile devices

Through research, experienced HR and Payroll practitioners have confirm the constant request for historic pay slips by employees is a drain on their productivity. Multisoft HR Services offer secured Employee Self Service (ESS) functions to enable employees access or maintain certain employee specific data at their own convenience. We give you more than the typical self-service features. Aside accessing employee data via a secured 24/7 web interface, employees are able to initiate related queries via our ESS portal.

  • Our secure ESS portal automatically directs employee queries to the appropriate department for speedy response.
  • We also offer Management Self Service (MSS) functions, giving managers the ability to access payroll data and reports at their own time.
  • Employees and managers are delighted to know how fast and smart they can see their required information.
  • ESS portal allows employees to apply for leave, make changes to their personal details as well as apply for overtime and other payroll claims online any time anywhere.

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