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Sage Enterprise Management Mobile Apps allow you to work from anywhere

Mobile Web Apps

Sage Enterprise Management is designed to be accessed by web browser, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers

alike. For increased usability on devices with smaller screen sizes, like smartphones, special web applications have been created for increased usability.

The Mobile Web Applications are designed for use on smartphones like iPhone and Android devices. The Mobile Apps are there to help you manage key business operations such as the following:

Sales – My Customers

Displays a list of key customer information such as:

  • Customer notes
  • Contacts and addresses
  • Credit limit
  • Orders with advance payments not received on time
  • Orders exceeding the credit limit of the customer
  • Blocked orders
  • Active quotes and quotes to remind
  • Order book, pending and late orders
  • Deliveries to validate and to bill
  • Return with or without credit memo expected
  • Invoices validated and non-validated
  • Allocated payment and unallocated payments
  • Allows to block or unblock each document
  • Allows to block or unblock a customer

Sales – My Actions

  • Allows approving or reject quotes, orders, and open orders
  • Each document type based on its status: Signed or to sign

Sales Price Inquiry

  • Sales price for a product, on a site, for a dedicated customer and the requested quantity
  • Displays the price details: the gross price, discounts, and charges are used to calculate the net price by unit 

Available Stock

  • Available stock for a product, on a site, for a dedicated date
  • Available stock consolidated in days, weeks or month
  • Available Stock by date: available for sales, including future needs and resources

My Expenses

  • Entry of expense notes, attachment of electronic documents
  • View approved and unapproved status of the expenses



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