Payroll & HR Solutions
Sage 300 People

Sage 300 People is a powerful HR, payroll and self-service solution designed to increase your organisation’s productivity and drive growth. As an integrated HR & payroll software, Sage 300 People empowers your people, grows with your organisation and scales according to your business needs.

Sage 300 People comprises an agile, innovative and cost-effective Payroll & HR solution that effortlessly and powerfully processes HR and payroll functions in your business. Its world-class capabilities include fast and efficient system implementation, security, stability and improved processes, real-time online design for easy monitoring and reduced risk and universal calculation engine for simpler calculations across functions.

Sage 300 People gives you a comprehensive solution that co-exist with present accounting applications and integrate tightly with other applications. It is also aimed at companies that want one database for both HR and payroll with Self-Service component. With a consistent, accurate and holistic view of people information, strategic decision will be based on insights rather than intuition.

Sage 300 People Payroll

Sage 300 People Payroll functionality will not only ensure your pay run is precise and your business is compliant; but provides powerful tools that enable you to gain valuable insight and connect with your employees. Payroll in 300 People, is packed with great features that put you in control of your payroll processes.

Sage 300 People HR

A HR solution that supports your existing and future HR & Payroll processes. Eliminate repetitive, manual processes and give valuable time back to your HR and People teams so they spend less time on admin and more time focused on strategic activities. The HR functionality offers you a range of tools to manage the entire employee journey.

Sage 300 People Employee Self-Service

Built for Today and Tomorrow. Reduce data maintenance for your HR and People teams, improve and empower your employees to own their personal data through self-service. This frees up resources that will allow you to focus on the strategic imperatives of your business instead of mundane administrative issues.