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Multisoft Gains Silver Partner Status with SAP

Multisoft Gains Silver Partner Status with SAP!

Multisoft Solutions have been in the industry for over a decade and partnered with the giants in the software development industry! We have settled on tried and tested recognized international brands… Sage, IQ Retail and SAP respectively.

Sage, you are the first and faithful wife I cannot let go! We have been in this relationship for a number of years and most especially you came at the time when I needed you the most. Just as it is in other relationships, ours is no different, we agree to disagree and eventually make up.

Sage has a wide range of robust Accounting & ERP and Payroll & HR solutions for all markets segments. Powerful reporting and integration tools! Thank you for the commitment… and yeah let me whisper this into your ears “I know I am your preferred in Ghana if not West Africa” and I don’t take this privilege lightly neither will I be complacent least somebody from nowhere will dare to take it … *winks*

Wow! So yeah that’s to tell you how strong our partnership with Sage is. Multisoft Solutions is currently the only Business Partner in Ghana who is certified, sell, implement, train, and provide support on all Sage regional and international products but one.  We are your one stop software shop!

This time around the retailer approached me….  yeah it’s a robust POS system with back end accounting functionality. You will be amazed with how IQ Retail will manage your inventory just as it is doing in our relationship. I am your first Business Partner in Ghana and you have equipped me to take over the Retail and hospitality markets in Ghana. It has been smooth with you since our engagement and I certain to bridge the gap between accountants and accounting software in the above retail market. Thank You for the interest!

Okay, it’s getting interesting; Multisoft Solutions has gained international recognition most especially from the South African software development channel. Partners have experienced our credit worthiness in addition to our software expertise.

MULTISOFT SOLUTIONS is recommended!!!

Multisoft Gains Silver Partner Status with SAP

Multisoft Gains Silver Partner Status with SAP

Hmmm… SAP Business One finally… Hi there! Welcome to the Multisoft Solutions family. I am assuring you of a great relationship. I have promised to recommend the right solution to my clients, hence, I believe we have a common interest. SAP Business One is known for premium quality solutions over the decades.

SAP Business One is a robust software solution operating on Microsoft SQL/ SAPHANA databases. The solution is packaged with a double ledger accounting functionality to aid in dual currency reporting. I am available to service you with an SAP B1 software at a moderate fee. Send demo request to for further engagements.


So now Multisoft Gains Silver Partner Status with SAP.  Multisoft has expanded its business partnership to serve clients with premium services.  The two have agreed to work together to deliver premium quality service to its clientele as Multisoft Solutions is noted for.

Written by:

Pearl Dadzie,

I am the Business Development Executive for Multisoft Solutions and I have been tasked to ensure everybody wins!!!