As a Company with a firm footprint in three different locations, we needed an integrated solution to manage our various businesses. A solution that is extensible and can accommodate changes in business as well as business growth and expansion.

As a company, we had critical challenges with reporting on various revenue lines as well as consolidated reporting.

Signing onto Sage X3 ERP solution from Multisoft Solutions Limited, a partner of Sage, has introduced a lot of visibility, we now able to access reports from any location and at any time. With the analytical reporting functionality, it is easy to access the profitability of various dimensions, visibility is great.

One key feature that has introduced great cost saving is the functionality to automate inter-company transactions between our companies                     











With an important mandate to regulate public utilities in Ghana, we are required to provide detailed and comprehensive reports on all our activities. We need to measure actual performances of all our activities against budgets to ensure proper management of resources.    

However, doing this manually is difficult and not so profitable considering the amount of time needed and the resources required, hence our need to acquire an integrated Business Management Software Solution which can perform this function seamlessly and timely.  

Multisoft Solutuions introduced us to Sage X3 ERP solution. Now we are happy to that the solution has made our work easier, the functionality that automatically allocates cost to cost units has introduced efficiency into our cost allocation process. We are fully compliant with IPSAS reporting and can also generate detailed extensive management reports and access actual performance (revenue & cost) against budget.

Our Payroll module integrates directly into the finance module, no need to manually create payroll entries after running payroll at the end of the month. Fixed assets lifecycle is now a breeze. 

 The system is also able to automatically compute all Withholding Tax (WHT) calculations which gives us some reliefs on WHT management. Sage X3 ERP is not just a software, it is the backbone of our financial and management reporting