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It is a good idea to outsource your payroll.

Whereas many business owners may not be experts in the challenging world of government tax legislations, they are legally responsible for any cases of misrepresentation or a failure to accurately report payroll  taxes to the Ghana Revenue Authority.


With the frequent changes in tax legislation, payroll preparation has become a complex business process requiring continuous investment in the knowledge and principles of personal Income taxes.

At the SME business level, this investment is most often not avaible or at best obsolete thereby posing critical challenges and unnecessary tax exposures to the business owner. As an SME business, we appreciate the difficulty and sometimes the frustration associated with unplanned tax exposures.


To mitigate this risk, it is better to outsource the  payroll to an expert or an outsourcing firm with a dedicated team of payroll and HR experts than to do it in-house. With Payroll outsource firms like Multisoft Solutions Limited, payroll preparation is their core business, they invest in knowledge and constantly upgrade their solutions to provide the best services.

Why outsource your payroll to Multisoft Solutions Limited .

  1. We provide the tax engines for the payroll software that powers the Payroll Bureaus of three out of the big four accounting firms in Ghana.
  2. We support the payroll software for approximately 400 companies in Ghana inclusive of our own payroll bureau. There is strength in unity and together we cannot get it wrong.
  3. Our ESS service allows your employees to easily apply for claims and overtime online. With this, your employees would not need to suffer any stress coming all the way to the office just to give notices or apply for a claim.
  4. With an internet enables device, your employees can easily access their payslip , apply for leave, share medical excuse duty forms with HR  or amend their biodata (subject to the approval of an assigned Executive) at the comfort of their homes or wherever they find themselves.
  5. Enhance privacy of your employees, by limiting the number of intermediaries that handle sensitive data that passes through the HR department
  6. Get enough time to concentrate on your business save money and increase productivity.

Multisoft Solutions Limited is the best payroll outsourcing company in Ghana. At Multisoft, we do not only sell payroll software, we also use it to run our Payroll Outsource Business.

Contact us right away for all your payroll solutions. We  sell the entire range of Sage payroll & HR software solutions: VIP Premier Payroll, Sage Pastel Payroll, Sage 300 People Payroll and Sage X3 People.




+ 233 302235149/ +233 302247736


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